Thursday, September 29, 2005

When all you have is a hammer....

Everything looks like a nail.

Some things just work better as a traditional app, guys.


Anonymous said...

A friend and I have recently been feuding over AJAX, and whether it will cause the end of the desktop. I think a lot of things can go to AJAX (and others can't).

The thing that concerned me about Meebo is security. Do I want to give them my yahoo id and password?

(But it might be nice if you need IM and you are at a random machine that happens to have a recent browser (and no IM client))

Anonymous said...

Microsoft has had an AJAXy web-based MS Messenger client (IE only, of course) for at least a year.

Of course, you'd already have logged in using your Passport account, so the trust issue isn't there in quite the same way.

I think that this is something that works pretty well in an AJAX context (although it's not as nicely unobtrusive as a desktop client). (Well, some messaging clients.)

Anonymous said...

You didn't think that was pretty cool?
I was marginally floored (I mean, I'm told I've done something similar in the past, but that's cool). Meebo certainly has its uses (a locked down windows lab in the EE dept with no software installation allowed, for example).

My friend's response was "holy cow, isn't that a privacy concern?"

Jonathan Ellis said...

cool, yes.

useful, marginally.

worth building a business around... no.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, though nowhere can I find anything about their business model, if any, or how they plan to make money.

Maybe this is a resume builder? I doubt they're hoping to be bought.