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Feature50 is winding down now that CEO Ben Galbraith has accepted a job offer elsewhere.  So, I'm interested in exploring my options, specifically, opportunities to build out the technology for a start-up working in concert with a strong business CEO. I've done this twice now. Technical ability I am a senior developer specializing in back-end technologies.  At Mozy , where I was employee #2, I wrote a distributed file repository that stores petabytes of data, an amount comparable to Amazon's S3.  I have 8 years of experience with PostgreSQL. I know how to design for scale, and how to find and remove bottlenecks.  I am not afraid of diving into a new code base; I took over as maintainer of the Spyce web framework and the FormAlchemy toolkit, and I have contributed features or patches to SQLAlchemy, Pylons, and Jython, among others.   Soft skills I enjoy building and working with a team.  At Feature50 I am responsible for technical interviews, and personally recruited fiv

Blog Day recommendations

As with many things in the blogging echo chamber, blog day takes itself a little too seriously. But it's impossible not to love an excuse to talk about some of my favorite blogs that don't seem to have as much exposure as I think they deserve: Theo Schlossnagle , CEO of OmniTI, a scalability and performance consulting company. His best posts deal with scalability at the ops level . His book is good, too. Greg Linden , ex-Amazon engineer, ex-Findory founder, current MS Live Labs employee. He likes to post analyses of interesting CS talks and papers, particularly in the area of collective intelligence. Greg stays very on-topic so the most recent posts are about as representative as any. Chris Siebenmann writes about life as a professional sysadmin . He also sometimes blogs about python . Josh Berkus , PostgreSQL core team member, mostly blogs about current events in the database world, but every once in a while he writes a must-read post about database design . Google th