Thursday, May 05, 2005

"a new web framework named spyce"

Dion Almaer writes in a sort of footnote to his Python has a leg up in the dynamic language race post that

[T]here is also word that a new web framework named spyce is going to try to do what Rails has done for Ruby.

I think there are definitely some points of commonality if you take a big picture view; primarily, both are about leveraging the capabilities of dynamic languages to provide an environment vastly more productive than is possible with traditional staticly-typed-languages (Java, C#).

How we go about that, though, is quite different. Spyce isn't trying to be a Rails clone a la Subway; it's its own beast. Spyce is more page-centric, like ASP.NET or OpenACS. Like all modern frameworks, Spyce encourages separation of code and markup, but it's not religious about forcing one man's vision of MVC down your throat.

And while strictly speaking Dion is wrong to call Spyce "new," Spyce 2.0 has a much, much more modern feel to it than 1.x. If you evaluated Spyce a couple years ago, have another look.


Anonymous said...

hi. There is a problem with your demo.


I hope the rest of spyced is better.

Jonathan Ellis said...

that's a feature :)

seriously, though, since htdocs isn't a subdirectory of cgi-bin, you need to be able to dump arbitrary files... if SF doesn't restrict the cgi-bin processes privileges appropriately, there's nothing I can do. (And it _is_ restricted from /etc/shadow.)

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