Friday, May 20, 2005

Spyce 2.0.1 released

Spyce 2.0.1 is available over at the usual place.

This is a bugfix release. Changelog:

    use tempfile.gettempdir() as default config.tmp
    add originalsyspath to spyceconf
    bugfixes for Active Tag compiler
    portability & other bugfixes (John Reese)


h3r3tic said...

What about the bug in modules/ that's been there for about a year now ? Session data is pickled in binary mode to a file opened in text-mode. Even the simple autosession.spy example fails after 26 refreshes. I've reported this long time ago but someone must've overlooked my email :(

Jonathan Ellis said...

I've only been active in Spyce since February; if your bug report was before that, it could well have been unnoticed (although Rimon kept releasing bug fixes after the 1.3 series was feature complete).

I will have a look at this; in the future, if you want to be sure the bug is seen, just report it in the tracker.

h3r3tic said...

Thanks. /* I'll keep in mind to send any new reports to */