Monday, May 16, 2005

Spyce 2.0 final

Spyce 2.0 is available here.

"You've taken spyce off my 'disgusting template engines' list. This is how I'd want to see apps structured, exactly."
    -- Tim Lesher
"I feel easily five times as productive in Spyce as I do in JSP."
    -- Conan Albrecht

Spyce is a python web application server, combining the features of popular frameworks such as JSP and ASP.NET with Pythonic elegance. Spyce may be deployed as a standalone server (or proxied behind Apache), or under mod_python, FastCGI, or CGI. Documentation and demos are here.

Highlights of Spyce 2.0 include:

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Jess B. Hill said...

Spyce, real spice for Rapid web based hardcore development, is the greatest software invention since Python itself. Having developed industrial strength commercial applications for the last 20 years, nothing has afforded me as much freedom of expression combined with a robust server side framework, as has Spyce. (Perhaps not a true framework, but a foundation that provides unlimited possibilities) What Jython does for JSP, Spyce does for non-application web servers. It allows for measurable productivity gain, simplicity of converting concepts to workable code in minutes, and brings Open Source to a new level of ingenuity