Thursday, May 05, 2005

Looks like spyce will have to find a new home just sent out an email to project admins saying, among other things, that project web space will soon be mounted read-only. Bleh. That means I just wasted a LOT of time tweaking the Spyce makefile to auto-deploy to for no reason, because both of the new demos want to be able to write to disk. (One because it uses durus, and the other because since SF runs in CGI mode, the pool module pickles and unpickles itself to disk for each request. Which sucks rocks for performance, of course, but if you cared about that you wouldn't be using CGI, now would you?)

Of course is already taken by someone who isn't using it...

I guess the bright side is now I can go ahead and enable comments on the Spyce documentation once it moves, if I have the time to wrestle with the TOC (table-of-contents) module to get it to spit out appropriate .spy files instead of html. (Making it into a wiki is another attractive option, but the nice thing about the TOC module is you can easily generate a single-page version for printing.)

(Incidently, with SF apparently modernizing many of the other aspects of their operation, when are they going to offer a better database than MySQL?)


Anonymous said... is hosting python projects and gives trac/svn access

Anonymous said...

Are you sure? Take a look at this reply apparently from Sourceforge about the issue:

Jonathan Ellis said...

Thanks for pointing that out. It would mean Spyce on SF wouldn't run with a vanilla install anymore, but that's still a lot less work than moving somewhere else entirely.