Thursday, April 21, 2005

Not your father's spyce

You've taken spyce off my "disgusting template engines" list. This is how I'd want to see apps structured, exactly.
    -- Tim Lesher

As a followup to my Durus notes, I've put up a new Spyce + Durus demo showing off the features of Spyce 2.0.

This time I allowed myself more than two files, and split the action logic into a separate module. (To-do lists seem to be the new standard for demoing your web toolkit, and I dare not be less than trendy.)

I tried to comment the code (linked from the demo pages) so it speaks for itself. If you have questions after looking at that and the language constructs page, please feel free to ask in the comments here. I'd like the docs to be in good shape for the 2.0 release.

Update: I've modified the demo to include spydurus, a Durus connection-pooling module for Spyce, and to use ClientStorage instead of FileStorage. The demo was popular enough that single-threading it got to be annoying.

(Updated links to point to the spyce site.)

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