Saturday, April 02, 2005

Laszlo pycon slides

Unfortunately, not everyone who presented at pycon got notes to the archive. One of the ones I was particularly hoping to see was Oliver Steele's talk on OpenLaszlo, partly because I love Jython (contributed 8 or so patches about a year ago, some of which have recently been applied now that Samuele isn't the only one with CVS access) but mostly because Laszlo is pretty damn cool. "Ajax" has all the press recently but I think the Laszlo approach has a lot more going for it, especially if IE 7 stays in the dark ages.

Fortunately, Oliver just recently put up a a pdf of his openlazlo slides. Unfortunately there's a lot of blank slides, and rather more diagrams than code. (I think they were limited to 30 minutes, though. Ouch!) What I got out of it was,

  • Porting the ActionScript assembler from Jython to Java roughly doubled the LOC for 10x the speed (seems like they use/used Jython 2.0 though, ancient even by Jython standards?)
  • Jython's ease of development was a boon during prototyping, but
  • Don't be too quick to optimize by re-implementing in Java (or, for CPython developers, C/C++) because "you don't know when you're done prototyping"

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