Friday, October 24, 2008

A small admin app for Pylons

I said that it would be possible to build a django-style admin interface for Pylons using FormAlchemy. (That is, generate a UI for basic CRUD operations for all your models, with no further configuration necessary.) I have a proof of concept in FA svn; it's missing some obvious features like internationalization so there is no official release yet. But the basics are there, so in the meantime, if you'd like to kick the tires, just install FA from svn and give it a try.

Here are some screenshots from a pylons app incorporating models from the FA test suite. (The admin controller is fully customizable using standard FA (and Pylons) techniques, but these are what you'd see out-of-the-box.)

Index: Order page: Creating a new Order: Deleting an Order: The User page: Editing a User instance: Documentation on using and customizing the pylons admin app is here.


mike bayer said...

excellent !! i will definitely be looking into FA for my next project.

Wyatt said...

I'll be looking into it as well, and I hope to be able to contribute something to it some time soon.

Noah Gift said...

Yes, excellent work. I will try it out today.