Friday, October 05, 2007

Congratulations, Mozy

I left backup service provider Mozy about three months ago, and yesterday they were acquired by EMC as rumored by techcrunch earlier.

The cool thing about startups is they pretty much have to hire people who are totally not qualified to do awesome things and let them try. There's no way Amazon would have hired me to write S3, but that's what I did for Mozy.

Mozy was the third startup I've been a part of, and the first to amount to anything. I was employee number #3 and saw it grow from sharing a single rented office to 50 employees in two years. With people who didn't think it was strange to wear a tie to work. Trippy.

Unfortunately I'm not there to witness the final stage of being assimilated by the Borg firsthand, but I hear that's not really any more fun than it sounds so perhaps it's just as well.

Nice work, guys.

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Dustin Travis said...

I never knew you worked for Mozy. I've been using it for about a year now and I'm happy with its simplicity and recover methods available.