Thursday, December 14, 2006

Komodo 4 will not include gui builder out-of-the-box

As of Komodo 4.0 beta 2, Komodo no longer includes ActiveState's Tk-based GUI builder (with support for non-tcl Tk bindings like Python's Tkinter). They've released it as open source to the SpecTcl project, from which it was apparently forked long ago. Re-integration with Komodo 4 as a plugin is planned eventually, but it doesn't look likely before the 4.0 release.

I wonder how much of the impetus behind this is the increased amount of web-based development done today, and how much is due to Tk's increasingly dated look and the increased popularity of more modern toolkits such wxwidgets.


Anonymous said...

Oddly, the GUI builder was one of the more attractive features in Komodo Pro for me. Tk GUIs may look dated, but for simple tasks, I prefer to use Python built-ins whenever possible - the fewer external libraries I need to use, the simpler my projects are.

Levitra said...

It is disappointing for me that this new version of Komodo doesn't include this feature. It was my favorite characteristic of this tool.