Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Time to deprecate psycopg1

I wrote a relatively simple multithreaded script to automate some cleanup work in my database. I used psycopg1, because it was conveniently packaged for the version of debian the server had. (And also because psycopg2's bundled pooling mechanism kind of sucks.)

My script ran for a couple minutes, and segfaulted. I upgraded to the latest version of psycopg1, to no avail. You'd think that after 20+ "stable" releases this wouldn't be a problem anymore. Sigh.

I ran it in gdb to see where it was segfaulting, and sure enough psycopg was dereferencing a null pointer. Unfortunately it was far from obvious how to fix the problem, at least to someone unfamiliar with the code.

I bit the bullet and upgraded to psycopg2, which apparently got its first non-beta release earlier this month. For less-sucky pooling I used sqlalchemy's pool module.

No more segfaults.

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