Saturday, September 17, 2005

An OpenLazlo blog

I'm sure being described as "an openlazlo blogger" is probably not what he had in mind, but Michael Sica of Ataraxis Software has written more about it than I've seen anywhere else. Here's his first post on the subject, from July. Around a half dozen more follow.

OpenLazlo, you will recall, is a rich web app platform that uses Jython internally. (Warning: PDF.)

(Michael's blog is also interestiing from an entrepreneurial standpoint. Starting your own company is a common fantasy for developers, and Michael is doing it. I'm catching up on the archives now.)

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Michael Sica said...

Hi! Thanks for the mention on your blog.

I don't mind the "OpenLaszlo Blogger" title. I'm pretty suprised there aren't more people out there blogging about OpenLaszlo. I've come across a few:

What's really shocking is that there aren't more blogs from the employees of Laszlo Systems.