Thursday, July 21, 2005

Spyce testimonials

Since the Daily Python URL was kind enough to link to the 2.0.3 announcement, I thought a few testimonials might be in order. :)
I tried downloading, installing and using Spyce 2.0.2 on Windows and Linux yesterday and it worked like a dream. I have already set up a useful little dynamic site on a linux box and plan to expand it radically in the weeks ahead. I am using Spyce in webserver mode and also using the scheduler to trigger periodic repository updates.
    --Rock Howard
Spyce is really speeding up my "project"... at this rate, I'll be ready for pre-beta testing in about two months. I'm utterly addicted to encapsulation via active tags.
    --Tim Lesher
(Not to pick on them since they do have a nice framework, but Tim was formerly using CherryPy. Most recently, anyway.)


Anonymous said...

Here is an update: I have created and deployed 5 Spyce-based apps incorporating 15 spy pages as well as an extended version of the "ToDo List" demo application. I did this in 7 weeks starting from scratch. Two of the apps are already in active use on 2 continents (with 2 more continents to be added soon.)

I still consider myself a Spyce neophyte, but the bottom-line is that Spyce has enabled me to realize the python advantage of rapid development in the realm of dynamic web-based apps.

-- Rock

sahir said...

I have checked lots of python webframework (django,turbogears2,cherrypy,zope,web2py and lots other on python site :

My requirement was very simple:

1. Python version 2.5+ (for our leagacy code)
2. No MVC framework (wanted raw control, minimum setup requirement,easy to deploy,wanted to create own directory structure).
3.Easy to deploy.
4.Basic web object requirement(response,request,session,form handling,database operation)
5.Own autentication module.
6. Should work on windows and unix/linux.
7.Able to work with Apache 2.2 or lighttpd.
8.Easy to integrate AJAX.

And all of the above requirements
fitted only one and that was none other than "SPYCE"

More I invested time to look into "SPYCE" framework more I loved it.

I have created scalable and loosely coupled AJAX-JQUERY solution within short period of time.

Lots of Thanks to "SPYCERS" who created this lovely framework.

Spyce has given me herculean strenght for python web development.

Feel free to ask me regarding my experice with my beloved Python framework at sksahir @ gmail .com