Thursday, July 21, 2005

Spyce 2.0.3 released

2.0.3 is a bugfix and documentation-improvement release. The installation section of the manual has received particular attention. There is also the new section on starting your first project, which answers the FAQ, "how do I organize my Spyce files?"


    - fix pool bug if server not in concurrency=threaded mode; reported by "Dude"
    - documentation improvements
    - avoid stomping on user python modules named 'config'; reported by Betty Li
    - (John Reese) fixed bad interaction of "redirect if directory path doesn't 
      end in /" and "look for default index.$[index extensions] files" code
      in Spyce webserver
    - default concurrency mode for Spyce webserver is 'threading' instead of None
    - spyceProject script to automate new-project creation

Update: you may also be interested in the new testimonials post.

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