Sunday, July 17, 2005

Jython is back

After almost two years with no releases, Brian Zimmer has released an alpha version of Jython 2.2 (incorporating some of the patches I submitted back in Jan 04). Ha!

Brian, you will recall, got a PSF grant for Jython and started work earlier this year. Obviously his original estimate called for a much faster release, but that's how software development goes. Six months to a release after inheriting a new-style class branch that I suspect was mostly broken really isn't too shabby, especially considering how long it took the CPython team.

I haven't been following Jython development since I gave up hope of Samuele Pedroni ever getting a release out last year, but it's clear that Jython isn't a one man show anymore. Frank Wierzbicki and Clark Updike have been comitting code; almost certaintly there are others too that I didn't immediately notice. Frank and Clark have both been involved with Jython for a while, but new developers are getting involved too. Good to see.

Big thumbs up to all involved.

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Brian Zimmer said...

Thanks for your excitement about Jython.

I wanted to set the record straight though on the new-style classes work that Samuele started. The reason for the long delay was not because of a 'mostly broken' architecture but the total amount of work to do.

Samuele provided a very useful framework including code generators to produce the new-style classes but the conversion was incomplete. This, along with my lack of time to dedicate to Jython, caused the delayed delivery.