Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Today marks one month that I've been working for Rackspace's RackLabs with the Mosso group in San Antonio, Texas.  (Anyone want to start a Python group?  The closest one is in Austin.)

It's kind of a gentle introduction to big company culture for me; at around 2,000 employees, Rackspace is easily ten times as large as any other company I've worked for, and 100 times as large as most.  Mosso is a lot smaller and RackLabs itself is smaller still, but I still had to go to five days (!) of corporate orientation.  Other than that, though, we're pretty much left alone by our corporate parent.

To start with, I'm working on Mosso's Cloud Files, which is basically an S3 competitor.  Cloud Files is similar to the work I did at Mozy, but there are a lot of technical differences.  Some are driven by Cloud Files being more of a general purpose storage engine than the one I wrote for Mozy; others stem from the Cloud Files authors being Twisted fans.

Strange coincidence: as with Mozy, I share an office here with a Debian developer, probably the only one in San Antonio.  My experience is that debian developers are pretty sharp guys, probably in no small part due to the rigorous screening process you have to go through.  They set a high bar.

Of course this continues to be my personal blog, and all opinions are mine alone.  RackLabs has its own blog for when they want to say something official.


Chuck said...

Hey Jonathan, welcome to San Antonio! And congrats on your new job at RackLabs. They are a good group of guys, and I hope it goes well for you. I think a python group would be cool, though 90% of them would be from Rackspace :)


scotticus said...

A python group would be fun. welcome to SA.

Greg said...

Hi Jonathan. I too live in San Antonio. I work at Southwest Research Institute and we have a lot of people using Python for lots of things. There has been some talk of a PUG (SATPUG?) on the SATLUG mailing list.

whit537 said...

Congrats, man!

Gregory Holt said...

Interesting how our railing can be taken as part of what we're railing against. We'll have to counteract that at the "local" level.

Noah Gift said...

I say start a group. You need something to do besides walk to the Alamo after work :)