Thursday, December 18, 2008

FormAlchemy 1.1: admin app, composite key support

FormAlchemy 1.1 is out, so you no longer need to run trunk to get the admin app goodness -- now with i8n support. We also added support for all composite primary keys, and most composite foreign keys. (The distinction is, rendering an object depends on the PK, but loading relations depends on FKs.) Gael also added the fsblob extension, which allows storing blobs on the filesystem and the path in the database. (FormAlchemy can handle blob-in-the-db out of the box.)
(I previously blogged about basic FormAlchemy and the admin app, which are still good introductions.)
FormAlchemy has pretty good documentation. The most important page is form generation; instructions to configure the admin app are here.


Greg said...

Do you have a high level overview of what Form Alchemy does? (Sorry if I didn't search enough).

I've always wanted to find some app I could just drop on a server and have it make all my tables available CRUD-wise. Is that the idea behind Form Alchemy?

Jonathan Ellis said...

The linked posts give a high level overview.

The FA admin app can do what you want when combined with SA's reflection features.

Johny JKJK said...

This is grate news ! Formalchemy is a wonderful project witch give fantastic additional support for SQLAlchemy and frameworks application based on Pylons or TurboGears. Big thanks ! Magnificent job !

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