Thursday, September 25, 2008


Feature50 is winding down now that CEO Ben Galbraith has accepted a job offer elsewhere.  So, I'm interested in exploring my options, specifically, opportunities to build out the technology for a start-up working in concert with a strong business CEO. I've done this twice now.

Technical ability

I am a senior developer specializing in back-end technologies.  At Mozy, where I was employee #2, I wrote a distributed file repository that stores petabytes of data, an amount comparable to Amazon's S3.  I have 8 years of experience with PostgreSQL. I know how to design for scale, and how to find and remove bottlenecks.  I am not afraid of diving into a new code base; I took over as maintainer of the Spyce web framework and the FormAlchemy toolkit, and I have contributed features or patches to SQLAlchemy, Pylons, and Jython, among others.  

Soft skills

I enjoy building and working with a team.  At Feature50 I am responsible for technical interviews, and personally recruited five of our first eight developers.  At Mozy, I recruited three of the first five.  I designed a customized version of Review Board -- a code review tool -- for Feature50 and MediaBank, and contributed several patches back to the project.  I am active in the Python community and spoke at the last three PyCon conferences.  I have spoken at OSCON and I am speaking at PostgreSQL Conference West in October.

The bottom line

I'm looking to work on a challenging project -- that is, not Yet Another CRUD App -- with a small team. I am currently based in Utah; I am willing to work remotely or relocate.  Contact me at jonathan at utahpython dot org.


Ryan McGuire said...

Good luck!

fumanchu said...

I'm sure my company would love to have you on board. Shoot 'em a resume.