Thursday, March 13, 2008

Slides from Introduction to SQLAlchemy tutorial

My slides from this morning are up: The about 1/3 of the class did not have SA installed yet, and the network was down. Fortunately, Mike and Jason brought 5 flash drives and by the time we got to the first exercise everyone was up and running.

This was my third time doing a three-hour SQLAlchemy tutorial. Differences from (last time) include

  • updated for the 0.4 series
  • removed almost all the SQL-layer material
  • added a section on the new relation filtering api
  • Improved the parts of the Fundamentals sections that were poorly explained
  • added a short section on the new-in-0.4 transaction management.

There wasn't a wall clock in the tutorial room, so despite making an effort to be aware of time I went 10 minutes over. Sorry, guys. :)

Jason Kirtland will be posting the slides from the Advanced SQLAlchemy tutorial soon.


Walter Cruz said...

Hey friend! the link to the pdf points to your atom feed :D

Jonathan Ellis said...

Thanks -- it seems that it always takes me two tries to do that. Fixed. :)

mico said...

Jonathan, I tied to get the slides but I think the link was broken. Can I have the slides? Thanks