Saturday, March 15, 2008

Best new blog I discovered at PyCon [so far]

I was talking to Adam Gomaa on Thursday when Ben Bangert stopped by us and told him he had an interesting blog. "If Ben says you have a good blog, I'll have to check it out," I told Adam. "That's not what I said," Ben corrected me. "I said interesting." But it is good, and I'm glad I found it.

And regarding Adam's post on declarative layers for SQLAlchemy, check out the new-in-SA 0.4.4 declarative plugin. It's almost exactly what Adam was looking for -- a little more verbose, in keeping with the "explicit is better than implicit" Python philosophy that SA shares, but creating your own superclass that creates a PK named "id" by default is just a few lines of code if that's what you prefer.

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