Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Python at the .NET user group

I was invited to present on Python and IronPython at the Northern Utah .NET User Group last night. I spent the majority of the time on Python itself, guessing (correctly, with the exception of a couple Zope users) that most people wouldn't know anything about Python beyond having heard of it.

There was a lot of participation. It ended up lasting about 90 minutes, with a lot of Q&A throughout. I enjoyed myself and I think most of the .NET guys did too.

Thanks for the chance to speak! A PDF of my slides is up here.


Anonymous said...

Nice presentation. Here's a question about the quick sort example:

What is the name of the idiom for this construction?

(lt for lt in l[1:] if lt < l[0])

That doesn't seem to work in python 2.3.5. (Am I mistaken?)

Jonathan Ellis said...

those are generator expressions, introduced in 2.4.

(there's actually a bug there; I was trying to be clever and didn't test it. You'd need to add L = list(L) at the top of qsort for it to work with the gen exps; better would be to stick with list comprehensions. alas.)

Yuppie said...

Nice presentation.

Automating applications with Python