Sunday, August 14, 2005

A little PHP humor

(Seen in a slashdot comment.)

Possible mottos for the PHP project:

PHP: We'll be there for you if your development environment doesn't have enough side effects.

PHP: Because we know the money's in the maintenance contracts.

PHP: Because you obviously don't know any better.

PHP: We take security as seriously as Microsoft ten years ago.

PHP: Doing it fast is always better than doing it right.

PHP: Proving that if any idiot can write an e-commerce package, any idiot will.

PHP: Yet another great reason to make regular backups.

PHP: Fast, cheap, and robust. Two out of three ain't bad, right?


Anonymous said...

I liked this one:

PHP: Doing it fast is always better than doing it right.

Translated for Python:

Python: Because doing it fast means you're doing it right.

Roberto Mello said...

The following also came from the same post, and apply just as well to PHP:

"Database abstraction? Why would anyone need that?"

"Namespaces? Why would anyone need that?"

"Design patterns? What are those?"

"Security? If it's a problem, we'll fix it later."

Unfortunately, all of these are true portraits of the PHP world.

Zach said...

PHP: Ten million n00bies can't be wrong.