Saturday, September 08, 2007

Utah Open Source Conference 2007

The first Utah Open Source Conference finished today. I heard that they had close to 300 attendees -- not bad at all for a freshman effort.

I reprised presentations that I've given before, on SQLAlchemy and distributed source control. My slides are on the presentations page (although if you've seen my slides from either before, there's not much new there -- I got lucky, SA 0.4 isn't stable yet so I stuck with 0.3.10).

I had to work Friday so I missed a lot of presentations, but of the one I saw my favorite was on Ganglia, which I hadn't heard of before but which looks quite useful for anyone running a bunch of servers that takes uptime and qos seriously. (This was actually Brad Nicholes's third presentation of the conference -- he must have been busy!)

Afterwards I went to the board games BoF and played Mag Blast. Fun little game.

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