Thursday, February 15, 2007

Best Google Tech Talks?

My wife got me a PSP for Valentine's Day, so I'm looking for videos to put on it. Since Google makes it so easy to get a PSP-compatible version, I thought I'd start with theirs... Recommendations?


Ben Bryant said...

I loved the SQLite one, as someone that had not known much about SQLite before I saw it.

John said...

I liked this:
the guy who invented tcpdump, traceroute, etc. talking about the future of networking.

cowmix said...

Well.. my first recommendation would be to search on the string: engEDU

That will yield MANY more Tech Talks.


Maris said...

I really liked '2,3,5, Infinity!':

It is by the inventor of a simple toy called Zome. He shows you how Zome can be used to model the universe. Mind-blowing stuff! :)

Tim Lesher said...

I'll second the recommendation on the Van Jacobson talk. I also liked the Barry Schwartz "Paradox of Choice" talk.