Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Caution: upgrading to new version of blogger may increase spam

I was pretty happy with the old version of blogger, but I upgraded today so I can use the new API against my own blog. So far I have 4 spam comments (captcha is still on) versus about that number for the entire life of my blog under the old blogger. Bleh.

Could just be a coincidence. I hope so.

(Update Feb 26: A month later, I've had just one more spam comment. So it probably really was just coincidence.)


Kumar McMillan said...

and ... their bookmarklet doesn't work in firefox or safari anymore (the submit button gets pushed off the page, resizing keeps pushing it, enter won't submit the form). bah. what happened to regression testing in this sad day and age?

Pol said...

Hey, I was wondering do you think maybe you could help me understand exactly what Spyce has to offer over running Apache+mod_python? (which has psp-python server pages)


Jonathan Ellis said...

mod_python's psp is _just_ a way to inject python into html; spyce offers many more advanced features. I wrote some posts in August about some of these:

Also see "what's new in spyce 2.1" --