Thursday, November 02, 2006

The postgresql irc search bot

I saw something cool in #postgresql on freenode tonight. There is a bot in the channel named "rtfm_please;" he'll reply to messages with pages of the postgresql documentation on that subject. For instance,

(9:03:51 PM) jbellis: constraint
(9:03:51 PM) rtfm_please: For information about constraint
(9:03:51 PM) rtfm_please: see
(9:03:51 PM) rtfm_please: or
(9:03:51 PM) rtfm_please: or

Unfortunately it's not too bright:

(9:03:48 PM) jbellis: add constraint
(9:03:49 PM) rtfm_please: nothing found :-(

Apparently it's not really a search, but a manually-maintained collection of links (which explains why it's virtually instantaneous). I was amused to see this entry:

(9:23:36 PM) jbellis: mysql gotchas
(9:23:37 PM) rtfm_please: For information about mysql gotchas
(9:23:37 PM) rtfm_please: see

(Yeah, I'm an irc newbie.)

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