Friday, April 14, 2006

PyGame at the utah python user group

I presented on PyGame at the utah python user group last night. (When I don't get someone else lined up to speak in advance, I end up doing it myself. You'd think that would be enough motivation to not procrastinate.)

I had a lot of fun preparing this. I'd never used PyGame before, but as a teenager I spent a lot of time in the same space. (Anyone remember YakIcons?) So the general concepts were familiar to me, and I was pleasantly surprised by how good a job PyGame did at making things easy for me.

Here are my pygame slides, and my pyquest game skeleton is here.

(PyQuest is of course inspired by Crystal Quest -- the mac game, not the XB 360 remake -- and the graphics and sound files are from Solar Wolf, which I guess makes PyQuest LGPL. This caused Paul Cannon some serious mental trauma at the meeting, seeing and hearing solar-wolf-and-yet-not-solar-wolf.)

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Anonymous said...

That is great!
Also there is a way to execute python code in parallel on SMP: Parallel Python